Friday, May 18, 2012

Podcast - Bicycle Radio New Zealand (episode 00)

Being a busy lad with little time to write, but many thoughts to write about and share, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with a podcast.  I plan to record while I ride my bike to work - efficient multi-tasking! This is where the name "Bicycle Radio NZ" comes from.  I had to add NZ because there is already a bicycle radio out there which is devoted to athletes and competitive bike racing.  There is none of that on my version - the bicycle reference is merely to me talking while riding.

The link below is to my first effort, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  You can hear me whooping with joy as I fly down hills and I talk about my background for most of the session.  

I will attempt to record an episode every day that I ride to work when the weather is fine enough to be wearing my headphones with mic.  Future developments will be to form chapter links and a sort of contents so that listeners can skip to the part they want to hear about.

For now, it's just an mp3 link.  Please share liberally, and I hope you enjoy this first test episode!