Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100 Questions that you absolutely have to ask!

A call for common sense and a well reasoned life, an attempt at inspiration, an encouragement to develop yourself, a personal challenge, and much more.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is the purpose for my existence?
  3. Is there a God?
  4. If there is a God, how would I find out about him?
  5. Is religion worthwhile?
  6. When faced with a hard decision, how do I decide?
  7. How should I decide?
  8. Am I a person that other people appreciate?
  9. If yes, then why? If no, then why? (I’m only counting this as one question)
  10. Do others feel physically and emotionally safe around me?
  11. If yes, then why? If no, then why?
  12. Do I get enough exercise to be healthy?
  13. How can I get more exercise?
  14. How can I enjoy exercise more?
  15. How can I enjoy life more?
  16. What stops me from enjoying life?
  17. Am I an active and contributing part of a community? (Community could be family)
  18. How can I be better involved in my community?
  19. How can I help others to have a better life?
  20. Do I listen to other people?
  21. When I listen, am I trying to understand the person or am I putting my own experience into what they are saying too much? (Selfish listening versus empathic listening)
  22. What do I do that is selfish?
  23. What do I do that is selfless?
  24. Do I act in a morally consistent way? (Applying the same standard of rules to myself as others)
  25. Where do my morals come from?
  26. Are my morals fair?
  27. Do I care about justice in the world?
  28. Where does our desire for justice come from?
  29. Am I a positive or negative person?
  30. Am I optimistic? Pessimistic?  Realistic?
  31. Can I take criticism without getting defensive?
  32. Can I give criticism without being offensive?
  33. What is love?
  34. Why do we want to love and be loved?
  35. Why does it take work to love others sometimes?
  36. Why is love so satisfying at times while being so unsatisfying at other times?
  37. Why do we hurt other people?
  38. Why are puppies so cute and cuddly?
  39. Why is the sky blue?
  40. Why are spring blossoms so pretty?
  41. How does the Internet work?
  42. What is my favourite food?
  43. Why do we find things funny?
  44. Why do we laugh at inappropriate things sometimes?
  45. What do I want to do with my life?
  46. When will I die?
  47. What happens when I die?
  48. Am I scared of dying?
  49. How can I deal with the death of loved ones and my own certain death?
  50. Do I think about things enough?
  51. Do I make space to think hard about important things?
  52. Do I distract myself with entertainment too much?
  53. What do I miss out on doing because of entertainment?
  54. Is my entertainment social?
  55. When was the last time that I stepped out of my comfort zone socially?
  56. When was the last time that I took a calculated risk?
  57. Do I trust the media?
  58. If so, how far do I trust the media?
  59. What routines do I adopt unconsciously in my life?
  60. What routines do I rely on for “mental comfort”?
  61. How adaptable am I when my routine is upset?
  62. Do I try and develop my ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations?
  63. Am I aware of potential sources of danger around me?
  64. Am I over or under cautious when trusting other people?
  65. Do I threaten people?
  66. Am I trustworthy?
  67. Do I make promises I can’t keep?
  68. Am I a procrastinator?
  69. Which social/cultural/religious groups do I associate myself with?
  70. Do I feel better being associated with a group or being identified as an individual?
  71. Do I show much creative talent?
  72. What is creativity?
  73. Am I a good learner?
  74. Am I a good teacher?
  75. Is there a difference between teaching and learning?
  76. Am I good at helping or serving others?
  77. Is it worth giving to charity?
  78. Do I care about money?
  79. Should people care about money?
  80. How much money is “enough”?
  81. How much pain/sadness must I know to be able to appreciate joy/happiness?
  82. If God exists, does he want me to be happy?
  83. If God exists, is he happy?
  84. Could I learn another language if I tried?
  85. Am I a shy person?
  86. Do I think that war is an appropriate way of dealing with conflict?
  87. How can I know if global warming is really happening?
  88. What does “sustainable living” mean?
  89. Who should be my role models and heroes?
  90. Am I any one's hero?
  91. What makes a person worthy of being a hero?
  92. Do people ever follow the wrong person?
  93. Should I feel bad if I make a mistake?
  94. Am I capable of choosing based on rational/logical thought even if my emotions/feelings make me want to choose something else?
  95. Is there ever a time when someone should go with their emotions instead of the logic?
  96. When is it okay to be afraid?
  97. How would I bring up kids in an ideal world?
  98. Is a mortgage worth getting?
  99. Should I have a second helping?
  100. What other questions do I need to ask myself?