Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Parkour and Aerobic Training

Today's episode covers:
  • Why I was wearing one glove
  • Why endurance is important for parkour training
  • How endurance fits with the parkour philosophy
  • My two main reasons for adding endurance to parkour training (a foundation for peak performance and being able to help others in my life more effectively)
Bicycle Radio NZ - Thursday, May 31st 2012 (episode 08) (right click to save)

Links from the show: 
A general overview of Long, Slow, Distance (LSD) training and how it helps high intensity activities such as parkour and crossfit
An earlier episode on similar subject matter

If there is anything you want to hear more from me about, please post a comment or email me  

A few ideas for the future which I've considered: reflections on my view of marriage, the importance of muscle balance and how to test for and achieve muscle balance, how I became a Christian, how I became a teacher and why I stick with it, stretching scientifically, some of the initiatives I've tried using blogging and online media, specific book reviews, how to lead a deliberate life, gay marriage again (and adoption), and more...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Government and Education

Today's episode covers:
  • A poetic consideration of the frosty morning
  • The role of government in education - with reference to the 2012 Budget stuff ups
  • Industrial models of education and how they don't work today
  • My ideal educational vision for NZ schools

Links from the show: 
My education focused blogging:
A fantastic "rant" about class sizes illustrating the problems superbly!

I forgot a bunch of what I spoke about but I'll add links in the comments if I remember anything worth adding.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - The Role of Government in Society

Today's episode covers:
  • A brief comment on the episode about gay marriage
  • The role of government - serving the people or being served by the people?
  • Competitive versus collaborative government
  • The rise of the Pirate Party - the next party in the spirit of the Green Party

Bicycle Radio NZ - Tuesday, May 29th 2012 (episode 06) (right click to save)

Links from the show:
An article looking at the conjugal versus revisionist views of marriage (without reference to religion) - for info and insightful commentary on issues of copyright and the rise of Pirate Parties!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Gay Marriage (and rational vs. emotional arguments)

Today's episode covers:
  • What does "tolerance" mean
  • Bad ways to argue - getting the emotional/rational mix right
  • Debunking some terms thrown around loosely these days (homophobic, tolerance, equality)

Bicycle Radio NZ - Friday, May 25th 2012 (episode 05) (right click to save)

Links from the show:

I hope you enjoy the controversy, if not my position on this issue!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Heart Rate Training (continued from yesterday)

Today's episode covers:
  • How to train during a large, year long, cycle - when to train aerobically and when to train for your sport
  • My before and after - before training aerobically and after

Links from the show: - Where to buy great books from Tom Kurz and other extraordinary writers - here's the link again because the man is a legend!

I'm sorry that I ran out of time to describe my typical day.  I forgot to mention that, in terms of aerobic activity, I ride to and from school (where I teach - I'm not a student!) which totals about 50 to 60 minutes per day.  30 minutes is just enough time to warm up and cool down so I usually try to stay under about 130 beats per minute.  I also try to run three or more hours per week at my max aerobic range (139 to 149 bpm) and that routine is getting back in action after some time off due to the baby coming.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about something super controversial.  I will not be popular after that.  President Obama, Prime Minister John Key, morality, and society... Those are the clues and, if you're aware of the main stories in popular media this past week or two, you will know what I intend to talk about.  Should be fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Heart rate training + aerobic vs anaerobic

Today's episode covers:

  • heart rate (HR) training
  • aerobic vs anaerobic and how to use HR to stay aerobic
  • Where to find a cheap HR monitor
  • What to expect when you train this way (benefits)

Bicycle Radio NZ - Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 (episode 03) (right click to save)

Links from the show:
Sock Doc Training Principles
Dr. Maffetone's 180 Formula - polar heart rate monitors - garmin heart rate monitors - cheap heart rate monitors from China

Some useful links from my blog
How to start heart rate training for all fitness goals
Training for endurance
How to incorporate aerobic training in parkour
Benefits to Long Slow Distance (LSD) training

It's interesting to note that these bike recordings are totally unscripted.  While I'm going through my morning routine I spare a moment or two to think of a starting point, but that's it.  It takes a lot of time to read up on and experiment with the concepts covered.  This process allows the material to sink in properly and, with the practice from years of teaching, communicate the ideas off the top of my head.

I think the pace is easier to follow when I have to slow down and think about the words a little more carefully.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Migraines and Healthy Living

On today's episode:

  • Migraines - causes, triggers, and treatment
  • Healthy living - stress, nutrition, and the inflammatory/anaerobic lifestyle
  • Trucks, cars, and buses - traffic noise ;-)

Links mentioned on the show:

Coming soon (hopefully) will be a more focused and orderly look at migraines.  The show today was a little scatter-brained as I'm having a migraine currently!

I forgot to mention on the show to avoid Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to deal with your migraines.  NSAIDs also produce a cortisol response which leads to further long-term degradation.  Head for the paracetamol based pain killers before NSAIDs.

Thanks for listening!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Education and Assessment

Today's episode (on a chilly and foggy morning).  I talk about the purpose of education, the government's role in education development, and the purpose of assessment.  Enjoy!

Bicycle Radio NZ - Monday, May 21st 2012 (episode 01) (right click to save)

Some of these themes are discussed on my education focused site:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Podcast - Bicycle Radio New Zealand (episode 00)

Being a busy lad with little time to write, but many thoughts to write about and share, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with a podcast.  I plan to record while I ride my bike to work - efficient multi-tasking! This is where the name "Bicycle Radio NZ" comes from.  I had to add NZ because there is already a bicycle radio out there which is devoted to athletes and competitive bike racing.  There is none of that on my version - the bicycle reference is merely to me talking while riding.

The link below is to my first effort, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  You can hear me whooping with joy as I fly down hills and I talk about my background for most of the session.  

I will attempt to record an episode every day that I ride to work when the weather is fine enough to be wearing my headphones with mic.  Future developments will be to form chapter links and a sort of contents so that listeners can skip to the part they want to hear about.

For now, it's just an mp3 link.  Please share liberally, and I hope you enjoy this first test episode!