Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Parkour and Aerobic Training

Today's episode covers:
  • Why I was wearing one glove
  • Why endurance is important for parkour training
  • How endurance fits with the parkour philosophy
  • My two main reasons for adding endurance to parkour training (a foundation for peak performance and being able to help others in my life more effectively)
Bicycle Radio NZ - Thursday, May 31st 2012 (episode 08) (right click to save)

Links from the show: 
A general overview of Long, Slow, Distance (LSD) training and how it helps high intensity activities such as parkour and crossfit
An earlier episode on similar subject matter

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A few ideas for the future which I've considered: reflections on my view of marriage, the importance of muscle balance and how to test for and achieve muscle balance, how I became a Christian, how I became a teacher and why I stick with it, stretching scientifically, some of the initiatives I've tried using blogging and online media, specific book reviews, how to lead a deliberate life, gay marriage again (and adoption), and more...