Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bicycle Radio NZ - Heart Rate Training (continued from yesterday)

Today's episode covers:
  • How to train during a large, year long, cycle - when to train aerobically and when to train for your sport
  • My before and after - before training aerobically and after

Links from the show: - Where to buy great books from Tom Kurz and other extraordinary writers - here's the link again because the man is a legend!

I'm sorry that I ran out of time to describe my typical day.  I forgot to mention that, in terms of aerobic activity, I ride to and from school (where I teach - I'm not a student!) which totals about 50 to 60 minutes per day.  30 minutes is just enough time to warm up and cool down so I usually try to stay under about 130 beats per minute.  I also try to run three or more hours per week at my max aerobic range (139 to 149 bpm) and that routine is getting back in action after some time off due to the baby coming.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about something super controversial.  I will not be popular after that.  President Obama, Prime Minister John Key, morality, and society... Those are the clues and, if you're aware of the main stories in popular media this past week or two, you will know what I intend to talk about.  Should be fun!