Monday, January 24, 2011

Sam's Journey (Free E-book)

Last year, I sent off a manuscript of some writing that I had done in the past.  I was hoping that Victoria University Press would like my idea for a poetry book and would publish it, or a version of it.  They rejected my submission but were very nice about it.  I consider the writing to be rather immature for the most part, but thought I may as well offer it here for free (link to view/download is at the end of this post).
I also decided that I may as well post my cover letter to show how the proposal was completed.  Maybe it will inspire another writer who has thought it would be to far-out or too difficult to have their work published.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you with my proposal for publication of my manuscript of poetry and prose.  I hope to convince you that this is worth publishing, or receive advice from you about where to have this work published if it is not a project in keeping with those of Victoria University Press.  I believe that there is a market for these writings but, more important, there is also a need for people to be able to receive comfort during hard times through the experience of others who have made it through their own struggles.  
My experiences of loneliness and depression, at a time when I was struggling to find companionship, make up the majority of the poems.  There are several sections of the manuscript, beginning with works that show a little about me and how I looked at myself and the world at the time of my life when I wrote this.  Following that is the largest section dealing with my loneliness, feelings of love for a friend, and struggles to find a source of comfort in the lack of love in return.  The remaining sections are more meditative about the world around us, with the final section being a word to readers about coming through the struggles and ending up in a positive place, with love satisfied.
There is a flow to the entire manuscript, with the theme of a journey being the key to interpreting the works.  The beginning is very inward focused, showing the beginnings of maturity that a teenage and older person would be able to relate to.  As the journey progresses, the writings become more outward focused with snapshots of the details of the world around us, and then finally a scene of other people.  The process of looking for love and then arriving at this wonderful place is another journey seen in the manuscript.
Each work within the manuscript can be taken as a one-off for meditation and study, meaning that this would be a very accessible publication for a wider range of people, or for educational purposes, perhaps in high schools.
If published, this would be a work for New Zealanders, by a New Zealander, and of a type that I have not seen in any book stores, despite having a clear subject matter of interest to many.
I would envision this to be a short work, in a pocket sized book.  There would be room for people to write their own ideas or doodle pictures while reading, personalising and intensifying their experience while creating a legacy which could be passed down to children.  It could easily be carried for quiet meditation over a coffee at your local, or suitable as a thoughtful gift for friends.
The entire manuscript is enclosed, along with a brief CV.  I have no recognised writing references, though I have written various types of proposals, speeches, presentations, sermons, bible studies, technical documents suitable for other teachers, formal and informal reports, and more recently a number of blogs (some are listed on my CV).  I enjoy writing, and I enjoy completing projects, being more than able at receiving criticism and feedback to improve and produce a final design that meets the needs of interested parties.  Hopefully you will see that this qualifies me enough to work with you in having this work published.
Many thanks for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing back from you.
Sincerely, and once again hopefully,
Samuel Hight
Link for free e-book: Sam's Journey (on the page you can select to save/download)