Monday, January 17, 2011

God Exists Because...

Before I was a Christian, I philosophised with some of my fellow teenage smoking buddies that there must be a Creator of the universe.  Sharing a Marlboro on a random playground some time during a warm summer night, we reasoned it out very simply.  If things have causes, then there must be something that is the first cause.  That first cause that made time and space is outside of both, and is not bound by either of them to have a beginning moment or a beginning place.

Developing that further, if we (very reasonably) take the currently expanding universe as something that has a beginning, we have to wonder how that beginning came about.  It is more reasonable to think that a creative force did it than to think that it was caused by a mindless force.  A mindless force cannot be a first cause because it will just sit there mindlessly with no reason to do anything as wonderful as start a universe.  Complicating the argument with multiple universes and other rubbish ideas just shifts the first cause.  I say rubbish because they miss the point and just mess up the clarity of something simple, beautiful, and easy on the eye when you look at it under the correct conditions of mind.