Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Prayers

O Lord my God,

Help me to pursue You with a passion born of gratitude
Your great mercy fuels my desire to express thanks and I am continually amazed that one so undeserving as me should receive such blessings as You bestow
Drive me to know You more so that unbelief is banished from this hard heart
Help me to fear You as I should and to trust in Your loving promises until the end
Let me know Your fullness as best I am able
Reward my sincerity with answered prayer

Grow me, change me, and use me
Above all make me right if I am not right and reveal to me my shortcomings that they may be remedied with Your grace.

I submit to You alone, Lord:
My Father and Creator
My Saviour and King Jesus
My Comforter and life giving Spirit


Eternal Creator and Sustainer of all,

May You be honoured in all I do
May You be praised in all I do
May You be my delight in all I do
May You be my all in all

Grow me in wisdom that You may be glorified as the Wisdom Giver
Sustain me so that You may be glorified as the Sustainer
May You be glorified as the Creator of all
May You be glorified as the only one able to save a sinner

King of Kings
Righteous Lord
Both tender and tough
Judge and Lover of souls

Give me sincerity
Give me joy in You alone
May Your kingdom come in its fullness
Until then let Your Spirit be manifest in our hearts, overflowing in living water
Until then let Christians manifest Godly fruit
Until then let us keep our eyes on You and eternity