Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where's Wally (or Sam)

Being a father takes more time than expected. Every day I am revising my estimates for time commitments at home and it feels somewhere around the 350% mark of actual available time. If you think that's ridiculous, you should see how much my wife has on her plate!  Baby's are time sink-holes, but they are so worth it!

This commitment to family means that I'm frequently absent from my former social spaces, both on-line and off.  If you've asked yourself, "I wonder what Sam is up to these days," then you can rest assured that I'm still alive and kicking, though busy, busy, busy!  Even so, I still find time to work on a number of creative projects as a form of mental release and reflection.  It actually occurred to me that I do a great deal of creation, so I thought I'd list some of that here to help me feel good about myself, and for those who haven't seen me in a while to see what I'm up to and where I'm at personally or professionally.

All of the following have been produced or contributed to in the last 12 months...

Sam Books and Thoughts - this blog containing all sorts of everything
The Physics Lounge - free high school video physics videos
See the Spirit - devotional type reflections on being a spiritual Christian (what other type is there?)
igage - education focused blogging
Apologetics Shorts - Brief responses to objections people have about Christianity
Learn to be a Real Man - Reflections on manliness
Thinkpad in High School - Reflections leading up to my demo of a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet and a review of my findings

I also have my Bible Study blog which is crying out for some attention.  I have plenty of reflections and work on this but most of it is in note form which is where the material for my other Christian writings often comes from.

I also have a concept for a full novel which I'm developing.  You can read an early draft of one section here

I'm always looking for ways to pay for the future (more children, their education, a house, etc) so if you know of any paid opportunities to write that you think could suit me, I love to hear from you!

Thanks for viewing!