Monday, October 24, 2011

Custom Short Story: James (fictional example)

The following is an example of a tailor made cutsom short story for "James", who wants to lose weight.  The story serves as an inspiration to help James stick with his efforts to achieve his weight loss goal.  If you want a custom short story for free, email me your version of the background and personal info.  If you're not sure how to answer these, just let me know and I can help.

Background Info
Name: James
Age: 25
Where I am now: 110 kg
Where I want to be (goal): 95 kg
What I plan to do to get there (I can help with this process if you're unsure): Gradual changes in diet and exercise

Personal Info 
(select at least three questions to answer - more is better)

Favourite past-time: Eating and reading while listening to some nice music
What hours do you sleep: 2am until about midday
What do you do for a living: student
What subjects are you knowledgeable about:
Pets and names:
Married/In a relationship:
Favourite music genre:
How comfortable you are in new situations:
I'm not comfortable at all. I prefer to stay home and read.
Anything else you would like to volunteer: I'd love to meet more people like me ir real life. Internet connections seem a bit empty at the moment.

First Draft
After jumping up the shallow curb on the side of the road, James slowed from a jog to a walk. He made his way over to the narrow door of the convenience store, noting that the red sprayed graffiti from yesterday was already cleaned up from the window.

He paused at the entrance, fumbling in his backpack for his wallet while he waited for a young couple to clear the doorway. James nodded politely to them as they passed and then took a single step inside, but then paused and turned to look at the couple again. He had noticed the young woman looking at him intently, trying to place his face. Recognition dawned on them both at the same time.

"Katie!" "James!" They spoke at the same time, and then broke into gentle laughter.

Katie's partner looked on with an odd expression of confusion and a desire to keep moving.

"Hi Katie, how've you been?"
"James! I'm okay. Same old really. But man, you look good. You must have lost what... 10kg?"
"Ha ha, yeah. About that much."
"Well that's great!
Hey, this is my boyfriend Maurice. He needs to lose a bit of weight, what did you do? Maurice can try it out."
"I'm not that fat, Katie. Sheesh," said Maurice, quite pained by the whole conversation by now, "We have to go, love."
"Okay, okay. But just a quick tip please James?"
"Sure Katie. Uh, well the main thing I did was just to make small changes over time that gradually snowballed. I started off changing just one meal and walking an extra 15 minutes morning and night."
"Oh cool, that doesn't sound too hard," said Katie.
"Anyone can do it," said James, "Hey you better go - Maurice looks like he's about to miss the final of the Rugby World Cup or something. Take care."
"Thanks," said Maurice with a grateful look at James for wrapping it up.
"Okay. Might bump into you again some time, James," then with a spiteful glance at Maurice, "I might try and find you on facebook and then we can catch up properly. Or even go for a run together some time... This one's too attached to the couch! Seeya!"

James took a deep breath to suppress the blush that had started creeping up his neck.

Well, that was awkward, he thought to himself. At least people were starting to notice the changes that had taken place over the last few months. It was great to know that he had it in him to be used to make a girl's boyfriend jealous, but it wasn't nice to have to face that in real life. Still, it was good to talk with someone who seemed to appreciate the effort it took to get fit and healthy. And to think that all it took was a few eggs and walking to the store instead of driving. And it saved him some petrol money too!

Continuing inside, he moved through the store to pick up a carton of free-range eggs. Coming back to the counter by the door, he nodded to the store owner and handed over some cash.
"Morning Casey. You dealt with that bloody graffiti pretty smartly."
"Thank you, Mr James," the tall and lean Indian gentleman said, "I was inspired to tidy it up by you actually."
"Wow. How so?" said James, tucking his change away in his bag but keeping the fragile eggs in hand for the return journey.
"Mr James, you've been coming here every day or two for at least a year now. About four months ago you started buying more eggs and less lollies and less fizzy drink. About three months ago you stopped with the sugary food altogether. And now, you're running and have clearly lost weight. In such a short time too. That, my friend, is inspiring! If you can take care of your body, I can take care of my store!"
"Gosh, I had no idea it was that obvious a change. Thanks, I guess."
Casey touched one lean finger to his temple and cheerfully spoke, "Casey is a very observant man, Mr James. And keeping track of the regulars breaks up the routine of the day," he paused before continuing, "You know, Mr James, my daughter will be back from her lectures soon. You should really meet her - it would do her good to get to know a disciplined man like yourself."

James was speechless. This fine Indian Gentleman was trying to set him up with his daughter!

"Uh, maybe some other time, Casey," he thought fast, "I have some work to do before the game tonight. Sorry."

James turned and started moving with quick steps toward the shop door.

Casey watched him with a twinkle in his eye and a smile, and then called after him, "Okay Mr James. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow."
"Bye Casey," he called over his shoulder, and then muttering under his breath, "Probably won't see you tomorrow. I might need a week to build up the courage to come back. Sheesh!"

James couldn't help but smile to himself as he continued on his way, though. With this sort of positive reinforcement, it was going to be easy to put the next change in his routine - a proper training schedule for the half marathon around the lake in three months time. 21 kilometers sounded like a lot right now, but if the last three months were anything to go by, the next should be great. He was sure he could make it all the way!

The End

Possible Titles (choose one)
James' Journey
Double Joy
Inspiring Trouble by Accident

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