Friday, May 20, 2011

Sam's Journey (+ free e-book)

It's happened!  My first published work is now available for purchase on (or you can get it for free at the link below.  You can buy it to help support my writing if you like!)
A short collection of poetry, prose, and reflection from the early days of my writing.  Some of these I'm almost ashamed to have written but others I'm rather happy with how they represent certain feelings or concepts.  Baring my soul for all to see including the not so cool bits.

The cover is meant to be very simple and straightforward with the imagery an obvious link to the title (which is deliberately absent from the cover because it's not just my journey).

If you are reading this, you are most likely a regular reader so by way of thanks I am offering my book to you for free, for a limited time.  You can download the entire book here (follow the link and save from the Google Docs "File" menu).

This publication is dedicated to my lovely wife.  We've come so far together already, and the journey is just beginning...