Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Poems

Recently, I sent off a manuscript of some poems and prose that I wrote a few years ago.  I’m hoping that the publishers will be interested enough in my concept to turn my manuscript into a short book.  Following is a half dozen or so of the poems that I wrote.  I’m actually a little embarrassed by some of these because they are a bit too self indulgent and (in my opinion) immature.  In the interest of baring the human soul, and showing that one can move on from a low state, I’m opening myself up to share my weakness.  Enjoy!

Pondering Beauty
How can beauty captivate?
What makes me want to possess beauty?
Make it mine
Be proud of it
Hold it
Protect it
Cry because of it
Write poems about it
Change myself to be like it

Thinking is Good
Tepid bitterness
On my lips
My coffee has cooled
While I thought

Contemplating life
Contemplating beauty
Contemplating things
That I've sought

As I think about stuff
Time passes me by
The world moves with a blur
and is gone in a blink

A moment to ponder
Have I wasted my hours?
No! I decide
It is not wrong to think

I look at the world
I look at myself
I seek patterns
In the shapes that I see

What becomes clear
As the days pass by
I am trying to learn
About me

Untitled One
O great sorrow
Heavy upon my heart
Where can I get a love?
Where can I get peace?

How can I be freed?
From this frustration
Unto love
Unto purpose

I seek purpose
I cannot see
I want to see
Show me affection!

Untitled Two
Can I help you?
Is there a problem with me?
I want to develop myself
Learn from my mistakes
I can't see what I've done
Have I done something?
Have I not done something?
Ease my burning
Tell me
Speak to me
Quench this fire
Still my troublesome matters

Untitled Three
Hand in hand
But so much deeper than that
We walk together
Yet more together than any eye can see

My love begins to flow
I can feel my heart rising
Take care of me
I am fragile beyond belief

See me
Know my heart
Take my hand
And walk with me

Look into my eyes
Then will you know my heart
Please, accept my yearning hand
And walk a distance with me

Untitled Four
I'm sitting in my head
Running possible conversations we might have

What a laugh

I try to plan a response
To everything you might say

How about a poem?
The beginning in another time
Another place and thought
Some special eyes to catch the light
And catch also my thought

Careful Words
I carefully construct my loving words
So that I don't offend you
So that you know what I mean
So that I can hide what I'm really trying to say

Something in the shadows
I start
Nothing in the shadows
I sigh
I thought it might be you in the shadows
Waiting for me

A Dedication
Always and forever
My love
Holding your hand
May we enter into glory together